1809 Ridgebrook Circle Cleveland, OH 44122
(216) 219-2161

Recent Transactions

Recent Closed Transactions:
J. J. Herman & Assoc., LLC
1809 Ridgebrook Circle, Cleveland, OH 44122

Sold former Country Kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio to a developer.
Leased former KFC in Cleveland, Ohio.
Leased former Dairy Queen in South Euclid, Ohio.
Sold former Ruby Tuesday in Mansfield, Ohio to BC Roosters.
Sold former Ponderosa in Ashland, Ohio.
Sold former Mountain Jack's in Elyria, Ohio.
Leased former Houlihan's in Beachwood, Ohio.
Sold former 5,500 sq. ft. restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio to The Winking Lizard.
Leased a former Donato's in Rocky River, Ohio to The Winking Lizard.
Sold a former 7,000 sq. ft. restaurant in Independence, Ohio to The Wining Lizard.
Leased space in Weirton, West Virginia to Pizza Hut.
Sold a former Denny's in Canton, Ohio to Taco Bell.
Sold a former KFC to a developer for Chipotle in Cleveland, Ohio.